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Rally in a Shed
My first attempt at a permanent layout using Ninco track.

Rally in a Shed Part 2
The build continues now using 1/43rd Artin track and landscaping but built in 1/32nd scale.

Winter Classic Track
This layout was built to be used during the winter when it was to cold to be in the shed. It was also my first 1/43rd layout and my introduction to Jouef cars.

1/40th and 1/43rd Layout, Jouef and other 1/43rd
As the winter track becomes more permanent and my collection of Jouef and other 1/43rd scale cars and diecasts builds the story continues here.

Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit
The Rally in a Shed layout goes and I start a new 1/40th scale track in the shed. This is a race track layout using Jouef track but with a twist.
This is my current build.

My cars 1/40th and 1/43rd slot cars
A topic showing all my Jouef and other 1/43rd scale cars.

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