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Slotcars66 Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit Mk2 First Attempt At Routed Layout Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit Mk2
First Attempt At Routed Layout

As anyone who has been following the original post will know the original idea was to build the layout using plastic track but with the rails removed and replaced with copper tape.

In the past I have used Artin track for my layouts but this limits any curves to either 45 or 60 deg although it is possible to get an outer 45 deg curve but this was made as a four lane track piece and I have not found any for sale.

I therefore decided to use Jouef track which has 45 deg R1, R2 and R3, 60 deg R2 and 90 deg R1 bends and also the advantage than the slot left by removing the rail is very narrow. I was also looking to make up some special track pieces.

However I think mainly due to the texture of the Jouef track the copper tape would not stick properly, I did look at using the later Jouef track and even leaving the rail in place but the cost of getting more of this track from France was proving to expensive as although I found a couple of cheap sets the sellers proved to be unhelpful and would not just send the track and cars. Removing the transformer, controllers and box from the postage cost can save a small fortune in postage.

So the only option would appear to be to start from scratch again and do a routed track. With this in mind I removed the hardboard, foamboard and the OSB board from the framework and started again with 12mm MDF. By pure luck it was just possible to get the baseboards cut from a single sheet of 8'x4' (2440x1220mm) MDF and to a size I could get home in the back of my cars.

Using the final Jouef layout...

as a starting point I drew the basic shape on the MDF using the Jouef pieces. Then I broke some of the Jouef track pieces along the rail slots and used them to mark out the slots on the MDF

This is going from the left side around to the shed door end, the inner lane is in orange and the outer in red

I had been looking for a suitable item to use, as a profile for the router, at wotk and after trying several things that would all buckle if bent to tight I finally settled on this

15mm plastic plumbing pipe which comes in 25mtr coils and 3mtr lengths, which is what I have used here. It can be bent in to quite a tight radius, at least to a R1 with out losing shape.

and all screwed down ready for routing the first lane on the first board...

So now it's time to breakout the router, got a choice of two so will use the new one with a 3.2mm bit, I haven't done any routing for years so will need a little bit of luck I think...

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