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Slotcars66 History 2014 1/43rd scale take hold and I start a 1/43rd scale routed track History 2014
1/43rd scale take hold and I start a 1/43rd scale routed track


Receive my first car of the year..
A Jouef Renault F1


Bought some more figures for the layouts, this time a set of Corgi Silverstone Pit Mechanics and Drivers


More figures for the layouts,a set of Promod Pit Crew in blue
>br> Click here for details on both sets

> Finally got a display cabinet for my cars


More cars
First a Jouef Porsche 908GT

and a Jouef Ford GT40 from the Deco range


Received this Jouef Alfa GTV


finally I have a Champion Lotus F1


Some more Jouef Ferrari cars
First a yellow 250 GTO

and a Red F1


Another Jouef car
A white Porsche 917


Another couple of Jouef cars
First a Fiat Arbrth 131 Ralleye

and a Porsche Carrera


More cars but this time they are DSlot 43
First the 1970 Le mans winning Porsche 917

the 1971 Sebring winning 917K

and a Porsche 962C LM from 1986

with these also came a spare body for both the Porsche 917s, Three Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 bodies and a lot of tune up parts.


A couple of Artin cars this time, both Austin Mini Coppers


Five more cars and this time they are all Jouef
First a couple of Ferrari 250 GTO

and a couple of early F1 cars, the Ferrari F1

and BRM F1

and last but by no means least this Jaguar E-Type Hardtop


And a coupe more Jouef cars but in different colours
First a yellow BRM F1

And the a blue Ferrari F1


Did some work on the Westleigh layout today and it is basically a full restart.
First I have covered all the base board with hardboard and the I have changed the layout so that now there are no special curves in use although I ma replace one of the them and the banked section has gone, probably to be replaced with a elevated section of track.


Full restart on the Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit and this time I'm going routed... Click here for details


More work on Westleigh, re-routing done and on the electrics in the shed... Click here for details


Westleigh track painting started... Click here for details


More painting on the Westleigh track... Click here for details


Laid the first copper tape on one board of the Westleigh Track and powered it up... Click here for details


Laid the rest of the copper tape on other two boards of the Westleigh Track and wired up the left board... Click here for details


All the boards now wired up and fix down, one lane now running... Click here for details

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