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Welcome to my slot car and Diecast site

Please note that I am in the middle of a major remodelling of this website and until it is complete a lot of links and photos will be missing or not working correctly.

All the information is still here but you may have to search for it, just type a model name or brand in the search box.
I have now added a new Menu item "Models by Brand".
This will list all items by that Manufacturer, same as doing a search.

Full update details here

On here you will find details of all my slot cars.

You will also find details of my diecast cars.
And details of my current and past track layouts and my track accessories, buildings and figures.

Although I post details of the tracks and cars on you will find lots more photos and videos on this site.

I will be updating this site as often as I can and whenever I update a track build.
So please check back soon.
Latest updates

I have received a lot of new cars since my last update

I haven't had time to photograph most of them yet so no new pictures.

I have lots of new Jouef cars including some as "new" cars in bubble packaging and I think I have now completed the collection by having at least one of each model.
I have also added some Scalextric cars and quite a few Airfix cars.

Just arrived
Airfix MR205 Monte Carlo Rally Set

Click here for more details (2017 arrivals)
Updated 31/7/17
I've also got some more Jouef sets and some Airfix sets.
Updated 16/12/17
Latest updates

I have received a lot of new cars since the last update in February

Click here for more details
Updated 31/7/17

I've added details of a couple of small tracks I've built
Jouef Baby Set
Champion Set A
Updated 16/12/15

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